Video Footage of Franken’s Accuser Sexually Harassing Robin Williams Emerges, Proves She’s a GIANT Fraud! (Watch Here)


It turns out Franken’s accuser, Leeann Tweeden, isn’t the innocent angel she made herself out to be. New video footage and photos prove that she behaved like a college girl on spring break while “entertaining” U.S. troops in Afghanistan in 2006.

The video and photo evidence shows Tweeden kissing just about every guy there. She also groped men without their permission and appeared to cross the line with beloved comedian Robin Williams.

Her actions remind everyone that sexual harassment is not a one-way street.

The critical thing to note here is people are putting Tweeden on the same level as the underage girls Roy Moore forcibly tried to rape in his car.

Exposing Tweeden isn’t an attack on her, but she should have considered her own actions before trying to ruin one of America’s leading politician’s career.

The timing is also interesting. Republicans claimed that Democrats paid off the victims in the Roy Moore scandal. Was Tweeden paid off to accuse Franken?

More evidence of Tweeden’s inappropriate behavior below:

Via Star Tribune:

“She started out in the 1990s as a model, appearing in magazines such as Maxim, FHM and Playboy. From 2002 to 2007, she was a regular cast member on Fox Sports Net’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” hosted by comedian Tom Arnold. Later, she hosted late-night poker shows on NBC and an Ultimate Fighting Championship show on Fox Sports 1. She has appeared as a regular guest on “Dr. Drew” on HLN and “Hannity” on Fox News. According to her Facebook page, she’s done 16 USO tours, including to Iraq and Afghanistan. Her husband serves in the California Air National Guard, and her father was an Air Force mechanic who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

More tweets:

Tweeden is also a former Fox News employee. Let that sink in a minute.

And finally the footage of her groping Robin Williams:

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