Ellen DeGeneres Heart-Broken Response To Trump’s Latest F-Up


Not long after returning to the United States, the Trump administration returned to its regime of attacking Obama-era policies, making the most diabolical decisions yet when they lifted the ban on importing elephant ivory and trophies from Africa.

In response to Trump’s decision, Ellen Degeneres responded to this callous act by launching a campaign to raise money for an elephant conservation. DeGeneres told the audience of her show that Trump’s actions “really got to me.”

She said, “I love elephants. And if you take the time to learn about elephants, you would love them too. Elephants show compassion, sympathy, social intelligence, self-awareness. They’re excellent at learning abilities — all the things I have yet to see in this president.”

To remind everyone of how genuinely awesome and magnificent they are, she played video clips of elephants. She added that murdering these creatures just to have a trophy is “evil” and shared her campaign on social media under the hashtag #BeKindToElephants.

DeGeneres promised to donate to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for every retweet and like she received on Twitter and Instagram.

“I’m determined to do something about this,” she vowed.

Watch the clip below:

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