CIA Director Just Slammed Trump with a Grave Warning


Brennan was very clear that Trump’s dismissive and contrite attitude toward the collective intelligence community of the United States will put us “at great risk and peril.”

His message was clear and pointed,
“The new administration — and any president — needs to recognize that this is a challenging and dangerous world, and that the intelligence community and intelligence professionals can help to keep this country safe and protect our national security interests. And any president or administration that does not recognize that is one that is putting this country’s national security at great risk and peril,”

Brennan sat down with Axelrod following the detailed briefing President-elect Trump received regarding the Russian hacking of the U.S. elections. The collective opinion of the intelligence community overwhelming supports the idea the Putin was at the command regarding these unprecedented attacks on our Democracy. To that Brennan added, “We have great confidence in our understanding, our knowledge, in our assessment of what took place.”

“Mr. Trump’s words, and the beliefs they reflect, are a national disgrace, and all Americans of conscience need to repudiate his ugly and dangerous comments,” Brennan said in a note sent to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, which he read on air Wednesday. “If allowed to continue along this senseless path, Mr. Trump will do lasting harm to American society and to our standing in the world.



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