JUST IN: House Democrat PROMISES Trump Impeachment Before Christmas [DETAILS]


Americans have been demanding the government impeach Donald Trump ever since he was elected. The historic levels of corruption that he’s already guilty for, are enough to imprison this monster for a lifetime! But he, for some arrogant reason, keeps adding to the list of why he MUST be impeached. Well, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to Rep. Al Green from Texas – we may be getting our wish before Christmas!

In an official statement on Wednesday, Rep. Green declared, “I now announce that before Christmas, there will be a vote on the chief inciter of racism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, sexism, ethnocentrism. There will be a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on the impeachment of the president.”

After hearing this, the American people collectively stood in applause. This is the type of political action we’ve been so desperate for. For far too long our governing bodies have taken the silent approach, and tried to work with this delusional moron. But not any more. Finally, a line in the sand will be drawn, and we can finally take the proper steps to regain control of our country.

Even though this seems like a very shared stance, there is some potential political career ramifications Rep. Green could potentially face for this – but he knows, like we all do, that THIS is the right course of action to take. Regardless of what the outcome may be, he knows that this is what the American people deserve.

Green added in his address, “And while I have been told that there are political consequences for what I will do, I accept the consequences. Whatever others will do is their choice. My conscience dictates that I will vote to impeach. Let others do what they may. History will judge us all.” He’s right. And by him doing this – he’s forever cemented on the right side of history.



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