WATCH: Public Outrage After Trump Caught Making an Unscheduled Pitstop in Hawaii


Trump always finds a way to make some extra money off his presidency since he’s gotten away with it time and time again in his first ten months in office. In one of his more recent disgusting displays, he used the NYC terrorist attack to beg for money from his supporters.

Today, Trump landed in Hawaii and found a grove of protesters there awaiting his arrival. Hawaii is the birthplace of President Obama, which led protesters to ridicule Trump over his ridiculous birther conspiracy theory.

On the way to Honolulu airport, Trump stopped off at Trump International Hotel Waikiki to reportedly “say hello.”

Trump’s security ordered pool reporters to stay in their vans, while the president and Jared Kushner entered the hotel. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president wanted to congratulate everyone on the “tremendously successful” project.

She stated:

“The President stopped by the Trump Hotel on his way to the airport. It has been a tremendously successful project and he wanted to say hello and thank you to the employees for all their hard work.”

However, the hotel website says the hotel “is not owned, developed, or sold by Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, or any of their affiliates.”

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Watch the clip below:

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