Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says That Donald Trump Needs His Luxury Weekend Vacations To Stop North Korean Nukes (VIDEO)


So far, President Trump has spent 88 days of his 258 days in office taking vacations at Trump properties. 68 of those days, he was golfing. But according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump needs those vacations to deal with the pressure from North Korea, and prevent him from—literally—going nuclear:

REPORTER: We now know that Secretary Price was essentially let go for his private jet travel, and we know, I think, in close proximity to his firing Secretary Perry took private jets, we know that Kellyanne Conway was along for one of Secretary Price’s rides. At the same time, the president has now spent I think 17 weekends at taxpayer expense for the flights, either at Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster at the cost of $180,000 an hour for Air Force One, and he’s going to take the plane to a fundraiser in North Carolina this weekend.

So here’s the question: Is he not setting the tone that tells his cabinet members that this kind of misuse of taxpayer money, or overuse if you will, is OK? […]

SANDERS: The president certainly hasn’t been there every weekend, and every weekend that he’s traveling no matter where he is the president is working. He’s hosted foreign leaders on several of those trips, which have led to some great accomplishments. They’ve led certainly, to putting further pressure – unprecedented pressure – on North Korea in large part because of the relationship development that’s taken place at some of those weekends that you’re attacking for.

This is a president that is committed to helping move his agenda forward and certainly, I think that those weekends have been very successful in doing that.

Sanders suggested that the luxury accommodations “has led to some great accomplishments” including “further pressure – unprecedented pressure on North Korea” as Trump’s tweets during his vacations bring us closer to nuclear war.
So, when Trump is on vacation, just know that while he is creating an international disaster, he’s having a great golf game at the same time.

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