Melania Trump Is ‘Briefed’ On Hurricane Irma, Tweets Message To First Responders, Twitter Wonders Why She Is There!


Melania Trump thanked first responders in the areas affected by Hurricane Irma on Sunday as the Category 4 storm moves onto the U.S. mainland.


Donald Trump received a briefing on the storm at Camp David, where he and the First Lady are spending the weekend.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump had several calls with Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio in the past week. White House chief of staff John Kelly also spoke with Sen. Bill Nelson, she added.

Irma is expected to bring deadly winds and storm surges to Florida as it moves up the state’s west coast. Over 6 million people have been evacuated from the state’s low-lying coastal and southern areas.

Quite a few people wondered why Melania was even in such a meeting:











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