Trump Supporter Threatening To Boycott Netflix Gets Expertly Trolled By Twitter


Netflix released the trailer for Dear White People, a show premiering in April that satirically centers on the different experiences black students navigate on ivy league college campuses.

The show is based on a satirical comedy film of the same name which explores racial tensions from the perspectives of several black students at an Ivy League college.

This shouldn’t be a surprise considering that Baked Alaska was due to attend the pro-Donald Trump ‘DepolaBall’ in December, but was removed from the list of headliners when it emerged that he had a history of anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets about the “Jewish question.”

Baked Alaska claimed in a tweet that the show “promotes white genocide,” and included a screenshot of his canceled Netflix subscription.

For some reason, he decided to leave his email address in the screenshot. Here’s what happened next…



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