Caroline Kennedy Just Announced Her Plan To FIGHT Donald Trump And It’s Brilliant

Her family should be proud!


Caroline Kennedy lost her Ambassador post in Japan when Trump took office. He sent her packing and hasn’t even bothered to name a replacement.

But according to the New York Post, she’s not done with public service. Kennedy is planning to run for the U.S. senate in 2018.

Daniel R. Russel, an Assistant Secretary of the State Department, can’t say enough kind things about Kennedy’s diplomacy skills. He’s saying that she’s the real deal, no ifs, ands, or buts.

“She transformed herself from a celebrity into an influential public figure and statesman,” Russel said. “[She] became trusted, respected, liked and listened to.”

But that’s not all. Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida, says that Kennedy excelled when it came to high-stakes politics.

“I think most people don’t know about this, but Ambassador Kennedy was an exceptionally tough negotiator,” Kishida said. “When she gave me a firm negative response, I thought it was time for the Japanese side to come up with an alternative idea.”

“Caroline had a successful ambassadorial run in Japan and feels really very confident about putting her hat in the ring for a New York congressional or Senate seat, with even possibly bigger political objectives down the road,” an anonymous friend of Kennedy said. “The presidency is on her mind now, believe me.”

“Caroline is seen in some quarters as the next Hillary Clinton,” another anonymous friend commented. “She has the Kennedy name but no Clinton baggage.”

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  1. I was in high school when J.F.K. was an Icon-of-a-Democrat who dazzled all the liberals. I couldn’t vote yet, but got the spirit more than earlier presidents were able to entrance in us..preteens.. .We of the 60’s generation were amongst youths whom they surely were awakening. We noted the thick party lines. We already got our ears and eyes, via radio and tv… introducing us to what an election truly was… It was war-like with sides loving their-and-hating-the-others’ candidates. We grew up to all the elections which were war-like months of one side battling the other with words and heavy emotions. The party system creates a huge divide between people, who at high school ages, are merely supporting the voting for whom our parents are supporting, “the Side of our parents…” (Sure there are exceptions.) I was one who sat in front of TV and became a Lifelong Liberal.

    • She has no track record as a candidate or even an office holder. Let’s see what happens in 2018 before suggesting she run for president.

  2. Please do not compare this wonderful decent woman with filthy corrupt Hillary Clinton! They are as opposite as night and day! Beautiful Caroline Kennedy should skip being a senator, and run for President! She would win in a landslide! LOVE HER!


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