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WATCH: Trump Makes Racist Remark About President Obama (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump and racism are like bagels and cream cheese, but more doughy and not delicious. It shouldn’t come as a shock to us that Trump made racist and ignorant comments against the former president, Barack Obama during his Florida rally.

Trump totally showed a complete lack of respect and decorum by telling about Obama’s race. It is not accepted yet, Obama let him be. Today, Trump is busy fighting the media and people who are telling the truth about him.

The statements Trump made were not as explicit as the ones he had stated in the past. Recall, he had spoken during his campaign that he was going to ban the Muslims ( something he has started), comments regarding the Mexicans and their apparent predisposition to commit sexual assault, and how he is fully supported by race hate groups (the Ku Klux Klan.)

What Trump told his supporters was Obama was responsible for the divide in American because of black Americans.



  1. The divide in America is directly related to the way people were raised. Their parents instilled racism in them. Obama did not raise every American. And he cannot change the mindset and believe system that their parents gave them. Now that Trump has divided the country based on race, culture, national origin, religion and gender, I don’t hear anyone complaining about division. Obama was the president of ALL Americans and acted accordingly. The few times he spoke up for Black all hell hit in the media. He was not allowed by the white establishment to say anything that may benefit the Black community nor was he to illuminate the wrongs that the Black community felt. Trump was raised racist as is evident by the fact that he and his father refused to rent to blacks in his early days. People can change but it is evident that with Trump introducing a Black man as HIS AFRICAN AMERICAN, as if the man were a pet, Trump still has a long way to go.

  2. Isn’t it funny how I took away something different from that clip. When he talks about devision he is stating ” you Know, despite having a commander in chief that is black, which by the way, took a plurality of different races to vote him into office. The majority of those were white persons, so there is proof, in that alone, of some form of non prejudice. Now, despite that being said, there was no improvement of any racial differences thereafter because Obama did not work with African Americans in there communities to help with the conditions, lack of businesses, and why rioters, protesters want to destroy their own improvements by torching, looting their own community stores, and franchises etc, etc that these intercity areas allow. Thus, just as I have heard many times before just mentioning that Obama is a black man or African American, states nothing by saying that. When a certain topic is being discussed, it is intended to make the subject of your topic to be more understandable and believed when a black president can’t or won’t help to change things in such things as his hometown of Chicago. It just proves Obama had little interest in helping his own race or anyone except possibly undocumented Hispanics. He gave them protection and a way to keep them from being reported or deported.
    All of this happens for a reason, hidden agendas. You let more people over the boarder and who are they gonna vote for? The person’s and party that has always allowed this, democrats will stop at nothing to get those votes. Drugs across the border, murder, child trafficking, adults for sex trafficking. You would have to know that there is an agenda when some of our natives are getting murdered by illegals after being sent back many times. Who thinks that is ok. If these persons came across the border as Republicans man would that change.

    • Hispanics are Americans born in the USA as you were….Mexicans are from Mexico got it…Pres. Obamas mom is white lady dad in of color…

    • In context, that is exactly what he meant. The statement Trump was making was based on President Obama’s claim that he would be the president that would bring everyone together – in other words, black and white people would unite under his leadership. It didn’t happen. In reality we have seen the biggest breakdown in race relations in decades in spite of the fact that he is half Caucasian and half African American.

  3. The comments Liarrump makes relative to racism did not just start with his rallies and campaigning. His earlier shows on the Apprentice, when a Black man won n liarrump asked him to share his achievements with a white woman. When the Central Park murders occurred, and black young boys was beaten down by the 👮 forced to confess for a crime they didn’t commit. Trump put up a.huge amount of money to advocate for their demise. He and his KKK father Fred refused to rent to BLACKS, last but not least, 💩he lied continuously about President Obama’s being a Muslim which is a lie.

  4. It has been impossible for me to have any respect for Donald Trump, having watched and listened to him for the past year. He clearly treats women like objects to own. His disrespect of women was seen repeatedly during the campaign. He models racist behavior for our children, and the rest of the world. He does not welcome diversity which is what our Country is built on.
    As seen by his behavior, Trump has little, if any concern for adults, children, and the elderly living in poverty. His proposed budget does not include lunch and breakfast programs for children living in poverty and hungry when they arrive to school. His health care proposal will leave millions without insurance, and the medical care they need and deserve. The cuts in medicaid will force long term care facilities to close, and thousands of elderly folks with no place to live and no way to receive the support and care they need.
    Trump does show enthusiasm for helping the rich folks become richer, and that includes him.

  5. He forgot to add WHITE the only ones that hes is bringing together are the ones that agree with his craziness, but the rest of the country y more divided than ever before. He needs a mental evaluation.

  6. Wow…damned if you do…damned if you don’t…why does it make any difference if President Obama was brown,black, purple or blue. Either he did a good job and was a fair good man or he wasn’t…It is my understanding that the drug problem in this country is mainly from legal drugs(oxycotin) turning people to cheaper illegal drugs like heroin…People coming over the border for the most part are looking to better their situation and family. They work harder and take jobs many “Americans” turn up their nose. Undocumented workers can’t vote…why would anyone seek their vote…?? Debbie..President Obama had a heart…he gave dreamers shelter…he didn’t strive to break up families…The situation that President Obama was thrust into has been in the making for over a hundred years…In eight years he performed a herculean task of bringing the country back from the brink…and all you see is a black man that didn’t take care of his own…I can see that you drank the 45 kool-aid….there is no improvement of race relations because of people like 45 who used people like you to stoke the racial flames that were already there…while you are patting yourself on the back for “allowing” a black President…please know that you are not as progressive as you profess to be….


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