California State Senator Demands to See Melania Trump’s Immigration Documents


In response to Pres. Donald Trump’s recent executive orders regarding immigration, a California state senator is pushing for First Lady Melania Trump to release her own immigration documentation.

State Sen. Nancy Skinner, from Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area, told a local CBS affiliate that “various press reports based on legitimate research” indicate that the first lady “was paid for modeling jobs that occurred weeks before she had a legal work visa.”

Skinner said, “We don’t know, we can’t refute that, because we’ve not seen any of the direct documentation from Melania herself that would indicate otherwise.”

An Associated Press investigation found that Melania Trump arrived in the U.S. without proper work permits 20 years ago from her native Slovenia, yet she went on to work as a model.



    • He is not exempt from anything. There is simply no requirement that a president release his tax returns. It is voluntary. And if his wife has naturalization papers, that should be the end of it.

  1. We know that she married a US citizen and that’s all we really know. No one has seen her papers and it’s about time someone questioned her US citizenship… We know she modeled and came here before she had a visa to work here, we know she liked it here so she stayed .. We also know her family are staunch communists. and that’s all we know for sure

  2. If she broke the law before filing to become a citizens it would be void. She would be disqualified. In other words she would have committed fraud filling out her forms. It would be up to an immigration judge’s discretion her fate.


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