In case you haven’t heard, Malia Obama has been accepted to Harvard. She is once again proving to the world she is a smart and aspiring young woman, following her father’s footsteps.
Once the good news were reported at Fox News, conservative Republicans lost their minds and responded with such brutality that Fox had to shut down the comments section on the article.

Malia decided to attend Harvard after visiting several colleges, ultimately deciding to follow the footsteps of her father and attend Harvard. She has also announced that she will take a year off school like many young people choose to do before going to college.


As the child of a President, Malia was obviously at an advantage when it came to choosing a college. Before her, many presidential children attended prestigious colleges like Yale (Barbara Pierce Bush), Radcliffe (Caroline Kennedy) and Stanford (Chelsea Clinton). Twenty-three presidential children attended Harvard. Malia is definitely in good company.

Obama said at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday that his family plans to stay in Washington for two years after his presidency ends so that their youngest daughter, Sasha, can finish high school.

Here are some of the hateful and racist comments posted online:


  1. I can’t believe people say this stuff! My mouth literally dropped open! Why in God’s holy earth would ANY person think they’re better than another person solely because of skin color! Anatomically, we are all the same. Our brains are the same. Our souls, if you believe in that, are the same. Bone, muscle, blood. Do you really think that God made classes of people??

    • Sorry, @Kelly J Libertine Ben Mbarek…but narcissistic sociopaths & psychopaths such as tRUMP, his children, & the major players in the ReThug party completely LACK conscience…& therefore do not have viable souls…for the soul is what activates the conscience. Disgusting as their behavior is, neither moral arguments nor appeals to nonexistent decency will work. I’m sure that the Obama daughters learned many years ago to rise above all the racism & hate speech. That being said, I wish Malia all the best, as she takes her travel year off to prepare for Harvard.

  2. The ignorance of people is just insane. Race does not determine someone’s eligibility for college ,but their intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and their ability to strive for excellence.

    • @Barry: Please don’t equate racism with mental illness. Personality disorders, yes…but I, as well as those I know who live with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, have enough to do in living down stigmatizing labels, to be bothered with being racist assholes ourselves. Thank you.

  3. Racist are alive and well in America. But the ironic thing is the ability to display their hate and discontent with courage and boldness behind the screen of a computer or I phone instead of having the testicle fortitude to say it in public in front of the very same people you talking crap about. SMH COWARDS!

  4. Disgraceful people to say nasty things on social media about a young smart clever innocent girl who has done nothing wrong to these nasty people. It’s all jealousy…….. Think the other way round if people do it to you as you do to this innocent girl, how would you feel??

  5. And people were told to leave Baron alone yet Republicans say these things to a classy young lady. Two-faced hypocrites!!!!!!

  6. Racism, Haters, and jealous they didn’t and couldn’t attend an Ivy League college. Our different skin colors mean we have very high IQs when our brains are trained and nurtured at an early age. Some of us has risen from the slumps that our ancestors were left with after slavery.

  7. So sad but this is type of things that Fox love to see and hear. Those idiots probably could not get into a technical school. It is so sad but jealous is a dangerous things and racist is even worst. When you combine both it is an explosion.

  8. She is a child. She doesn’t deserve none of that stupid talk, doesn’t you have a child or anyone qualifies, for Harvard HELL NO!!!! dumb ass!

  9. This is how dumb and illiterate these racist pieces of 💩 are…they wanted to know what her score was on the GPA? Lol 😂 They never took a SAT OR ACT…too dumb!

  10. Those ass clowns can’t even spell Harvard never mind that they most likely couldn’t even get past grade school.

  11. So happy for you Malia!!! Study hard & hopefully you will someday want to be the first female President !!! That is the best way to put these ignorant people in their place. Your parents are the very best role models for you !!!

  12. Thankful that President Barack Obama and His Family does what Intelligent, Mature and Loving People do, Ignore People who have Lack of Integrity, Intelligence and Soul.
    Because they show the WORLD that Stupidity and Pure Hate is Real!!
    But they Truly don’t Matter, because her Destiny can’t be Destroyed by them, but their Words has Truly Set her up for God’s Blessing and Favor!!!
    And the Devil’s Agent’s are Totally Destroyed in Jesus Christ Name AMEN

  13. Disgusting comments, truly disgusting. Malia, bless her, will, like her parents, take the high road, will give back to America, and will be a superb role model for others…unlike those making the nasty comments.

  14. Ignorance, racism, and jealousy in full display in these posts. Leave these people alone and allow them to wallow in their own filth. What I love is that the Obama family ignores them coming and treats them as if they do not exist.

  15. These comments makes me laugh! Hate is a very strong emotion & for other races to spend that much energy, time or attention to the black race negatively speaks volumes about their own inadequacies! I never let anyone take up space in my mind unless it’s for my good. Racism is only blatant now because we have a dictator at the helm of this country that spews hatred and racism. It’s always been there just under the rug…now they’re free to sit on the windowsill & scream it out loud!


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